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New site integration evaluation

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Do you have any idea about the cost for module integration inside oscommerce .
Do you think this cost are correct ?  I found that on diffrent website.
Asia 20-45 USD, in Eastern Europe 25-90, in North America 100-150
What is your experience ?

I ask this question because I hesitate to make myself the integration or to send a request for a programmer.


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It depend what module and if the system is compatible with it.

- ICECAT specialist.
(Icecat: open feed with product information, data-sheets for oscommerce.)
- CSV IMPORT specialist.
(manage your suppliers via supplier manager)
Contact me via PM.

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I think it found that on the internet.
For Europe / Noth America, low price could be very difficult for a company / self company, to make something when we take in consideration the taxes, ....

Asia 20-45 USD,  ==> Cheap but maybe complicated to manage a project.
in Eastern Europe 25 - 90, ==> best price than Ouest
In Ouest Europe : 45 - 90 ==> 
in North America 70 -150 ==> Equivalent to the Ouest
After, depends on 3 things about the price :
Experience with the technology.
Experience with the CMS


Now, the other question, it's for the shopowner,
Do you think the price/hr is correct?
What are you ready to pay for a service/hr.



Contact me by skype for business
Contact me @gyakutsuki for an answer on the forum


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