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Hello All;

At this point, in my migration to OSC Phoenix,  I am slowly adding shipping and payment methods.

I currently have these modules installed and working

Master_Password_v3.1 - INSTALLED
USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2 r1.8 - INSTALLED (thank you @Kymation)

I am now needing to install an UPS Shipping method.  On my LIVE store I currently use UPS CHOICE

While I understand that XML is the wave of the future and I have the needed keys etc for install I would truly prefer simple rather than complex.  Also from what I have read in the forums the module UPSXML version 1.7 does not like php 7.2 or php 7.3.  I am currently running under php 7.3.

WHICH UPS module WORKS with Phoenix?  

I have reviewed the forum and there does not seem to be an identified module (old or new) that is recommended.  

Suggestions?  and do you have it operational?


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Having a similar issue with our Phoenix site. It seems like our issue is related to code differences in /admin/modules.php  so..we are wondering the same thing: which UPS module works with Phoenix.


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