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Trouble with user.css on Phoenix

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22 minutes ago, nsf43 said:

added !important and cleared cache with clearstatcache(clear_realpath_cache);

You see italic text??  and some color change?? what browser?

Yes, I see italic text and the entire navbar background is red.


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Good Grief!   I quit checking other browsers because no one else mentioned anything browser specific (that I saw).  So my "clear cache" code isn't doing the trick either.


So, should I put the "hooks.php" fix back in? or leave it out.  Any other "css" gotchas?

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By clearing cache, Malcom was referring to your internet browser's web cache. For whichever browser you are using i.e. Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc. 

I now see italicised font in your red navbar so it looks like you are on the right track...

Don't worry, whilst the software is new to you, it might seem tricky, but you will get there!

Make sure to read up on Bootstrap 4 and in particular become familiar with its components and utilities. That, plus understanding CSS, will empower you to make lots of changes with ease.  https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.3/getting-started/introduction/




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Download the latest version of CE Phoenix from gitHub here

Join the Phoenix Club. Become a Phoenix Supporter.  Gain access to special codes and modules and help the project thrive. Read here


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On 9/19/2019 at 9:49 PM, nsf43 said:

Where is John's solution to the user.css problem, I am anxiously awaiting that solution! I've been messing with this for 3 days....

Look in the phoenix announcements thread there has been lots of small updates since its release.



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Thanks,,  Peter.

What has made  this exercise particularly frustrating is that I am a good CSS person! And I generally do clear cache in my programs with complex CSS. I sort of assumed clearing was already in the code - but we know about assume. So that is my bad. Then when I started over completely, I failed to put cache clearing in. Again, my bad.

When I saw other people having the same issues, I over reacted and added everything people suggested. I am about to jump in and restore my DB and get my show on the road!

Sorry I never got to Australia!

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