Sorry for the long post but no matter what changes I make to the user.css file on my latest version of Phoenix nothing changes. I have refreshed the cache on my hosting account by clicking the button in cpanel. I have refreshed the cache on my browser by using Ctrl +f5  and a few other suggested ways. I wanted to change the h1 tag which is the main page headers on nearly every page in the site from what it is in bootstrap to something different. so entered into the stylesheet. I also what to change the size and colour of other h tags but again nothing changes. .h1 h1 {
  font-size: 30px;
  color: #0099ff;
} Nothing changed. I have also tried important to it and nothing changed. I have checked that in the hooks-shop-sitewide-styleSheets file and its in there in the right order assuming that the one listed last is selected last. Using the inspect element feature in Firefox the user css code is crossed out which means that something later than the user.css is being used and that is the _typescss is currently controlling the font size and the colour change is not listed anywhere. I have tried removing the user.css file and creating  anew one on my hosting account and that does not work either. Am I doing something wrong?