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3D Secure amount does not match transaction amount

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I have been using Braintree module for some years now. Just some days ago I set 3D secure in module. When I did this some troubles with payments appeared. I asked Braintree for help and they explained:

I took a look at our server logs and found validation error 91585, Amount must match the 3D Secure authorization amount, is being returned from your integration. This error occurs when the amount specified when the customer is put through 3D Secure does not match the amount used for the actual transaction request.

Below is a snippet of the parameters sent for one of the transactions that resulted in an error.

"Parameters: {"transaction"=>{"type"=>"sale", "payment_method_nonce"=>"c58cdac7-00c6-1258-578f-e9c612fd507c", "amount"=>"5.30", "merchant_account_id"=>"mymerchantsi", "customer"=>{"first_name"=>"Boris" [...]

Now here is a snippet of the 3D Secure request sent by your integration.

"Parameters: {"amount"=>4.4, "braintreeLibraryVersion"=>"braintree/web/3.2.0", [...]

During the 3D Secure authentication, an amount of €4.4 was authenticated. After the 3D Secure authentication, a transaction request of €5.30 was created, leading to the error. I checked the amounts of a few other requests that resulted in the same error and found that the amount is always off by 90 cents. 

Since you are using OSCommerce to integrate with Braintree, we do not have insight into the client-side code that specifies the amount of the 3D Secure or transaction requests as Braintree did not build that plug-in. I recommend reaching out to OSCommerce directly to see why the 3D Secure amount does not match the transaction's amount. 


Did anyone had such problems and how to fix them?


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 Nothing is noted in administration and database.  Ordering process stops on .../checkout_confirmation.php  and warning appears : There was a problem processing the card. Please try again and if problems persist, please contact us or try another payment card or method.

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