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Change order totals in Order Confirmation

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Hi, Just a quick question,

Is there some way to change the order totals in the products mod for modular order confirmation (BS Frozen).

it works fine at the moment but Im not happy with the order

it looks like this...

  items ordered           10%             $100.00

                                   GST :               $10.00
                          Sub Total:             $100.00
                           Shipping:                  $5.00

                                Total:               $115.50

I want it to look like this;

  items ordered           10%            $100.00

                          Sub Total:             $100.00
                            Shipping:                 $5.00
                                 GST :                 $10.50

                                Total:               $115.50

If there is an easy way to do this (ie change in the settings somewhere that I just cant find) can someone let me know ... if not there is one coding questions I would need to get my head around....

First - I know I can set up "GST on shipping" as a value on the site - but if I want to add all GST together as I have done above (10% or order + 10% of shipping) how would  I do this? is there a pre existing shipping tax field in the database?

any help would be appreciated 

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