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New UPS XML Shipping Module available

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Hey Pete,

I don't have the answer for this module, but look into using Google's Address Autocomplete.  Burt was working on module for this and It he has it available.  It solves 99% of the address problems.

I'm not really a dog.

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Thanks for the tip... another way that might help me... does anyone know where the address verification is called?  I can't even seem to figure that out.  

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On 5/5/2018 at 4:02 AM, mollymcb said:

Only thing I see different is $_Post instead of $HTTP_POST_VARS and tep_href_link('modules.php' instead of tep_href_link(FILENAME_MODULES

osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1
PHP Version 5.3.29

I'm at a loss and need help. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hope this isn't too late... it sounds like you may have the CE/Edge/Frozen version installed. This is GOOD. However, the code has been updated, replacing $HTTP_POST_VARS by $_POST and module name defines (FILENAME_MODULES) with hard-coded strings. The code is functionally identical (works the same way). If you are installing this into an older osC, you may need to back out those updates (change $_POST back to $HTTP_POST_VARS... you may be able to leave the hard-coded module name). Be careful if installing older add-ons into a new osC or vice-versa.

By the way, PHP 5.3 is terribly ancient. Any up-to-date system should be at PHP 7.1 by now (the earliest supported PHP version). 5.6 and 7.0 are somewhat tolerable (they went out of support a week ago) but should be planned for replacement soon. Incidentally, the CE/Edge/Frozen version will run on PHP 7.1 or below (PHP 7.2 may need a few fixes), while the "official" won't run reliably at that level. I won't swear that CE/Edge/Frozen will still work properly on PHP 5.3 -- it might.

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I had a revelation in another thread... but hopeful that I'll get a better reply here...

As I wrote earlier, I'm trying to eliminate the address verification component of this module.  I know it can function without it because I have another modification that does shipping estimation and it works from the zip code only, and it works GREAT... so clearly, the XML is able to get the info without an address...

Perhaps this will tickle the brain cells on this one.  It's beating me up.



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Trying to install this module on a CLEAN Frozen install

Operating System
I included a crop of the installation screen 

The OSC is CE-Phoenix-2341-Frozen
The module is UPSXML version 1.7


I do not understand exactly what is happening.  

When I place the upsxml.php in the includes/modules/shipping directory the shipping modules installation screen fails to load completely.

NO there is no other UPS module there, as shown on the BEFORE placing portion of the graphic.

After placing the module shows the screen after the upsxml.php is placed.

Solutions?  Recommendations?



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