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Transferred back from zencart

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ok.. i spent the last couple of days transferring from zencart back to oscommerce.

I uploaded the database..  what I did was downloaded (example) address.. I compared the oscommerce database tables to the zencart files I made sure the column matched.. I did it in CSV format.

I am showing the screenshot of the files I uploaded..

I left the configuration and configuation_group along

and now I added facebook pixel added and it is not showing up under the modules/header tags/----no facebook pixel to enable.

what could I have done wrong.. thank you in advance

Screenshot from 2019-07-23 23-06-16.png

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its working  i forget to click on install module button.. 

i am so happy.. i just hopes it does what i need,

thank you so much for the reply


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15 hours ago, kalibug said:

this is the 

Version Checker pixel_trans.gif

Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1


Before you get too far with your, please download and install Phoenix (perhaps on a different hosting account or in a folder alongside your  

I believe that Phoenix is a better option than official 2 series, and you'll have an easier life all round if you use Phoenix.  

At least try it, and if you dont like it, continue using your  Link for Phoenix is in my signature.

This is a signature that appears on all my posts.  
IF YOU MAKE A POST REQUESTING HELP...please state the exact version
of osCommerce that you are using. THANKS

Get the latest Responsive osCommerce CE (community edition) here

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