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Sub Categories in CE Phoenix Styling

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Using the CE Phoenix version of osCommerce and have enabled sub-catoriges by changing bm_categories.php in includes > modules > boxes

What I changed was




Now I would like the sub categories to have some padding-left on it with either an icon or a > before it.

I have tried using the below to do it, but that didn't work

$OSCOM_CategoryTree->setChildString('', '');

Any one have any ideas?


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in the bm_categories.php file

change line 40 to

$OSCOM_CategoryTree->setParentGroupString('<div class="list-group list-group-flush phoenix">', '</div>', false);

then in user.css add

.phoenix a {
	padding-left: 50px;

which gives you



App created for phoenix
TinyMCE editor for admin


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