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Support thread for JcM WhatsApp Floating Button V1.3

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A simple add-on that places a WhatsApp floating button onto your site. Your customer can then contact you using WhatsApp.

You can set you number and text in the language file.  Other settings are in admin.

When the customer in on a page and uses the WhatsApp button he is taken to WhatsApp contact site if he is on a PC. If they are using a mobile or have WhatsApp installed on the device then they connect directly to your WhatsApp connection.

The message will show your greeting text and the link of the product page they clicked from.

That’s it enjoy.

Has been tested on Phoenix V1.0.0.4 only.

Can be seen working on my custom test site

NOTE: This is NOT the official test site






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@JcMagpie I really love this add-on. Whatsapp is the most popular social media tool in our country and it is definitely the way to connect with the customers.


I am thinking to do away the left and right columns of the osc template for my website. Can this whatsapp button be floated somewhere on the main section? Just like the back-to-top button?


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Yes I don't see why not, have a play with the code. It needs to be before the </body> in the html so as long as you do that it should work.


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Hi Zahid, I hope you are very well !!

Thank you for your contributions to the community.

I wanted to ask you a silly question. 

What is the difference between using it as a box or a Header Tag? Which do you recommend I already have it working as a box and it works great! Its a great addon !!

Best regards


:heart: Community Oscommerce fan :heart: You'll find the latest osC community version here.


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Hi. I have installed on OSCOM CE version PHOENIX V 1.0.76 and it works fine. The only thing I noticed is that at the top where the currency of the website appears the currency symbol is put with a question mark and admiration symbol circled (they are exchanged continuously). When I deactivate the module it returns to normal. Will they know what the problem is?

Thank you very much, excellent contribution to the community


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