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I installed a online payment module (MobilPay) and after process, the page "checkout_process.php?&orderId=" not redirect to checkout_success.php. Is only for this module. When i reload the page, the order is transmitted, but do not redirect to Thank You page (checkout_success.php). If i chose the option Cash On delivery, the process work successfully.

How i can resolve this?


Thank you!


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It's a 500 (Internal Server) error, so check your site server log to see if there is any additional information. Something looks really messed up with the URL... the ? and & together (a term between them missing?), and the orderID that looks a lot more like a session ID (oSCId), unless that's a payment system-specific ID. Exactly what version of osCommerce are you using, where did you get it from, what PHP version is your site running on, what add-ons have you installed, what payment system(s) are you using, etc.?

If you're just starting out, scrap your current "official" installation and install the Community-supported "Frozen" plus patches (see links below in my signature). It is responsive (mobile-friendly), truly PHP 7.1 compatible, has many other improvements, and is supported. Even if you've already entered a large number of products, it may be easy enough to transfer the database to the new installation (it will need updating). There is an even newer "Phoenix" release, but I would wait a few weeks before trying to use it, until the major bugs have been shaken out.

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After the checkout_confirmation, the checkout_process should remain in SSL connection:


    $form_action_url = tep_href_link('checkout_process.php', '', 'SSL');

Your connection turned out to be unsafe and could not proceed to checkout_success. I believe somewhere the SSL setting is set wrongly.

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