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Instant Discount

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Instant Discount is meant to grab impulse buyers. When a visitor arrives at your site by clicking on a product link in a search engine listing, a dialog will appear saying that he will get a discount if the item is purchased within a certain amount of time. The discount amount, how long the offer is good for and various other things are controlled by settings in admin.

This addon is written for the CE version. It may work in BS 4 since little is displayed outside of the addon files. It also may work with the official 2.3.4 version. It won't hurt anything in any shop since it can be completely turned off or used in text mode.

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@Jack_mcs great addon from a legend.

Maybe on a future update you can do this:

1. customer enters website from search engine

2. on the product page is a badge "X% off click here" displayed in clear view with your timer

3. visitor click on badge and a box pops up 

4. visitor enters email address and instant discount applied

5. have an instant and future customer signed up for future offers. A great way to build email marketing list

6. use a cookie to identify customer so the discount is one time

An example is here. Let me know your thoughts

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