Phoenix Demo Site: Thank you to everyone who helped make this release, for the good ideas, for the chit chat and for the support. This release introduces a number of key improvements; the foundations of a bootstrapped admin (more to follow...)
You've asked for it, and now it's coming... revamped categories/products page in admin with product tabs and pre-placed hooks
supports adding product fields and other content with no core code changes checkout pages with pre-placed hooks removal of deprecated code, redundant pages, functions and features
Leaner = Simpler = Faster As well as fixing bugs and introducing other minor code improvements... updates version to How to Update if on; Download this Zip: Unzip it Upload it After which; Delete un-needed files;
- admin/banner_manager.php
- admin/banner_statistics.php
- admin/includes/graphs/banner_daily.php
- admin/includes/graphs/banner_infobox.php
- admin/includes/graphs/banner_monthly.php
- admin/includes/graphs/banner_yearly.php
- admin/includes/languages/english/banner_manager.php
- admin/includes/languages/english/banner_statistics.php
- admin/popup_image.php
- includes/functions/banner.php How to Update if on earlier version; Find version you are on [admin > tools > version checker] Go back through this discussion and perform updates to get to Then follow "how to update if on & after which" instructions - OR - You can download and install a brand new; clicking the green "clone or download" button at
or grab it direct from osCommerce at choose "download zip" unzip, upload, install - OR - You can diff your files; Find which version Phoenix you are on;  admin > tools > version checker go to this URL, changing a.b.c.d to your Phoenix version; Make code changes one by one - THEN - After Installation (whether NEW or UPDATE) is complete; Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using   - Join the Phoenix Club - you'll get to see some of the "behind the scenes" work and help to steer future releases.