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Is a store built on oscommerce ?

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Hi All, who can tell if a given website is built on oscommerce platform or not? If yes how do you know it? 


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mention of site name is spam

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The general question of determining whether a e-store is osC-based is legitimate, and discussion of techniques is allowed, although mentioning specific sites crosses the line into spam (which is why this thread was originally censored).

There are many osC-based stores out there which are heavily modified and/or template-based, so there is no sure-fire way to tell by simply looking at the HTML output. You can get hints from what content in the <head> is positioned where, and how some of the <body>'s content is structured. You might even get lucky and spot a cookie name or div id that marks it as probably osC, but don't count on it. You won't see the tep_ internal PHP routine names in the HTML.

With enough bending and hammering, you can get osC to look like and behave like almost anything, which is both its blessing and its curse. Therefore, it may not be terribly useful to ask "is this built on osCommerce"? It might be better to ask, "what add-ons for osC would give me such-and-such look and behavior?".

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You can use a module like wappalyzer (firefox or chrome). You will see some information about the server and the cms.

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