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Confirmation E-Mails do not list products

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This is a project that just keeps giving! For those that have helped with another issue the step forward has thrown up another issue.


On completion of a test transaction through Worldpay and returning to the sucessful order page i have checked confirmation emails and they have all been sent to the required email addresses.

All the info is in the email except a list of the products ordered! Order values, delivery & billing address all visible, just no products.

When you go into Admin>Orders the order is displaying properly with products listed.

Any help to get over what I hope now is the last hurdle would be much appreciated.



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To make it easier to help you, you'll need to provide more information about your store such as the version installed.

You'll need to provide the details of the exact WorldPay module you're using.

Once that information is supplied it'll be much easier to locate the script that generates the email (some are done via checkout_process.php, others have their own code within the payment module).

If it still don't work, hit it again!

Senior PHP Dev with 18+ years of commercial experience for hire, all requirements considered, see profile for more information.

Is your version of osC up to date? You'll find the latest osC version (the community-supported responsive version) here.

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