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Complete your Order - email to complete checkout

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Hey all, I deal with a lot of vendors using Shopify... I typically do not place orders with these vendors on their websites by adding products to a cart and checking out. I send them a Purchase Order from our Inventory Management system.

Some of these vendors then do a manual order (from my PO) on their site and then send an email link to "Complete you Order". No login necessary.... just straight to a payment page where I enter credit card info, ApplePay or PayPal and confirm.

It strikes me as a better way to deal with telephone orders. As is now.... there is no way for: 1) a customer to take responsibility for the items within their order (example: "I" told you I wanted widget123... and you sent me widget456.... even though we know they asked for widget123) and 2) for a customer to use PayPal as a payment method.

@burt your "key" system - could it be used to make a set a key content modules that mimic checkout_shipping, payment, confirmation & success?

It would have to be combined with some kind of manual order maker (I know there are several).....

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? How do you handle phone orders?

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