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Admin password reset

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Can you get to the database (such as with phpMyAdmin) from your hosting control panel? Just truncate (empty) the administrators table. When you try signing on again, you'll be asked for a new administrator ID and password.

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Then you're talking about the password-protection on your admin directory? It would be best to back out the .htaccess changes that invoke the password protection, and use your host's control panel function to "password protect a directory". Note that the osC Security Check page will complain that there is no password protection, but so long as you have to enter an extra ID and password before you can sign in, it's working.

Possibly there is a way to directly change (or force a change in) the password in the .htpasswd file with your hosting control panel file editor, but I've never tried that. You might look in the files and see if there's anything that looks like a password you recall. I would hope that it stores the password in a hashed form (encrypted), but then you won't be able to recover it by looking in the file. You may be able to delete the hashed password and have it ask for a new one when you sign on for the first time. If you emptied your administrators table, you will also have to create a password for that login.

By the way, osC 2.3.1 is absolutely ancient. It is going to fall over dead as soon as your host upgrades to PHP 7. You should be thinking about migrating to "Frozen".

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