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Setting Admin Directory Privacy - Pushed to homepage

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I've been trying to setup a user/pass for my admin directory but every time I set this up and visit the admin panel I get pushed to the homepage.
I've checked all .htaccess files and can't see anything that will redirect.
Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a better way to add an extra layer of security over the admin panel?
Thank you in advance.
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It is a redirect so just test this by removing commeting out code in .htaccess file. Then check if it works. Also check if your normal admin login works, if it does then remove the new admin and clear cache and sessions and carfully make new admin and check again.


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If you have problems with the supplied password file changes, pull it all out and use your host's "password protect a directory" function from their control panel. It's much more likely to work correctly than what is supplied by osC. The only downside is that the osC Security Check won't recognize that you have password protection and will issue spurious warnings. If you have to enter an ID and password to get into admin (to the page with the normal osC ID/password field), don't worry about the warning -- it's working.

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