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@Login with Amazon I hope all is well (I tried to send a DM but it would seem your profile will not allow it).... I found this addon when looking thru the new changes made to prepare for the marketplace...

A couple of things - I was sooo excited when I came across this - thinking it would work just like the "Login with Paypal" addon built into the PayPal App.

I had to make a few changes to get this working with the bootstrap community edition (changing FILENAME_ and DIR_WS_MODULES to exact files paths)... however was disappointed when I did get it to work... Although it will allow login - it will not pass the customers address to OsC... It looks as though it was really meant for more of a Wordpress like site. I check the documentation here to confirm... Am I missing something?

More important than this "login" feature however - I notice you have half (or probably more than half) built Amazon Pay into this addon... What would it take to get Amazon to finish this???????

@Harald Ponce de Leon this would be a GREAT addition to whatever you are working on... offering an additional payment options beyond PayPal (all the other payment apps/addons incl'ed are WAY out of date some/most even end of life). One of the most attractive features of some of the more current ecom platforms is their built in wide range of modern payment methods that are completely missing in OsC.

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