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Paypal Express 3.1 not working properly.(Sandbox)

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Hello Guys,

I have a demo shop at http://eludev.ehl.nu (v2.2RC) on which I have integrated Paypal Express checkout v3.1.

I have enclosed a screenshot of Paypal express checkout configuration at admin panel as well

I am facing following issues on my store:

1. After 'add to cart' on cart page 'Paypal Checkout' button is appearing below footer.

2. On clicking  'Paypal Checkout' button its redirects to Paypal for payment. Now post payment when it redirects to my store it redirects to the following link: http://eludev.ehl.nu/ext/modules/payment/paypal/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php?osC_Action=retrieve&token=EC-XXXXXXXXXXX&PayerID=WXXXXXXXXX

Is there any setting/path is configured wrong?


Can you please help me to resolve above issues?

How can I achieve the Paypal Express checkout flow that we have on https://demo.oscommerce.com/


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Before you go any farther, I suggest you install the Paypal App. It is the only module that supports paypal. The older versions probably won't work correctly.

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As I am using one page checkout into my shop, can you point out how it can be done?

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