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Support thread for JcM Index page Promo Tabs v1.0

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A simple add-on to let you place promotional offer tabs onto your site index page.

This let’s you make a splash on your home page. Show your imagination and display you best offers in a creative and stylish way on the home page of your site. Lets you put 4 tabs on to the index page which can contain anything you like.

You don't need to simply copy the format in the sample supplied. You should use this as a blank canvas. You can use simple HTML to make the display what ever you wish.



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If you go to the test site and click on tab Promo D you can see an example of how you can add complex html code in the page. It's just a quick example but as you can see you can have quite a different look to each table all achived with simple html. Example show a simple free bootstrap 4 site template in action.




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