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My database do not work?

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Oscomerce 2.3.4
=== Some information
HTTP Server: Apache

Database server
Server type MySQL
Server connection SSL is not being used
Server version 5.6.43  MySql Community Server (GPL)
Protocol vesion 10
User probyte@localhost
Serve charset : UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

Web server
Database client version libmysql 5.1.73
PHP version 7.2.7

Version information 4.8.3

When I try to connect to my oscommerce webshop, I get :
Unable to connect to database server!

I can connect to my  main webpage, it works normally.
I can use probyte.fi/cpanel, normally and also FTP.

I have tried to correct database (probyte_db), but no help.

There is also probyte_tietokanta (probyte database), but I don't know which is this.
Maybe old database?  It is 366MB large.

How I know which database is mine?

I mean can I remove that database.

What I can do?

I have got always good help here-

I have used Oscommerce almost 15 years.
It has always worked well.

I made a new Oscommerce last December.
I took about two-three weeks!  

I must to do all my product again.


Regards oh3gdo


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osC 2.3.4? You're running an obsolete version. The proper one to run is "Frozen" (plus patches) -- see links below in my signature.

PHP 7.2 is way too up-level for osC 2.3.4. Did your host just upgrade your server's PHP? It's not good to roll back for long to an unsupported PHP version (e.g., 5.4), but you might ask if there is a way for you to do that. See if your server control panel has something like "MultiPHP Manager" or the like, to let you select your PHP. If you can roll back PHP to the point where your store resumes working, use the grace period gained to upgrade to Frozen and transfer your store's data over. Long term, you should be running PHP 7.1 (or higher), the current lowest supported PHP version, which means going to Frozen.

There is never a need to re-enter your store's data. You can always migrate the database content to the new layout (schema). It's a fairly simple (although tedious) job.

Your configure.php files, in their database section, will tell you the name of the database you're using. You can then use your server control panel to delete the unused one, if you wish. Do NOT post your configure.php file content here without first removing or ***-ing out your database information!

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Thank you for your help.

I started from begin.

I downloaded osC 2,3,41 full version.

Open it, renamed my old  catalog to catalog_old and downloaded everything to my web page. 

It went right. 

Then I start to load a new web page http://probyte.fi/catalog .

Then I loaded  starting page. ( public_html/catalog) 

Then came  a default page, it was also ok.

I put some name to my old database name and login and password.

It went well.

I made a new customer, my name, it went ok.

Then I downloaded a Finnish language pack, it went ok. 

I put it by ftp to my web page,

It seemed to run ok at language directory, there was an English and a Finnish directory.

Then I stared Installation Tool, but now comes a problem. 

When I have entered my login and password, then came:


So something strarted to process, but what?

It has prosessed allready there hours.

Can you help me?

Was a language pack done too quicly?

Regards  oh3gdo


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I downloaded osC 2,3,41 full version.

Is this the "official" version downloaded from this site, under Downloads? If so, it will not run properly on PHP 7.2. No versions of osCommerce will run without problems on PHP 7.2, although both Frozen and Edge will run fine on PHP 7.1. See if you can roll back your site to 7.1, then install "Frozen" and patches (see links below in my signature). You may have some work ahead of you modifying the Finnish language add-on to work with this version.

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I have asked if my operator will back  from PHP7.2 to PHP7.1.

They have not answered in almost a week.

Can I do PHP7.1  my self?

I have no contact to my operator computer.

They do not answer to the phone.

They do not publish their address ( although I know it).

They have well working failure information pages.

I got every information back to my emai, but this is all what they do.

Must I change the operator?



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The PHP version is not your problem. osC official has no problems running on PHP7.2 you can check this by looking at the test site below, This is official osC running on the latest cloud servers with PHP7.2. As you can see it works fine. PHP Warnings and notices are just what they say warnings and notices! You will get these even on the CE version and on many add-on's also.



You need to make sure you download a good copy get it from the osC website as many hosts have outdated downloads.

You can download a good copy from this link


Looking at your website it is clear it has not installed corectly or you have some configuration problems, You can see you are missing all the images! and other links.

Check you config.php files and make sure all the paths are correct. Make sure the image directory exists and images are installed.

Or simply down load a new copy from the link provided and do a ew clean install.




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5 hours ago, oh3gdo said:

Can I do PHP7.1  my self?

Any good host should offer several versions of PHP (typically 5.6, 7.1, and 7.2), and give you a means of switching between them. Be aware that 5.6 is obsolete and out of support; you should avoid using it if possible (only use for applications which haven't been updated, and require backlevel PHP). 7.1 is still in support, and 7.2 is becoming mainstream (typical). osC Frozen and Edge work fine on 7.1, but are iffy on 7.2. Add-ons are all over the place on what they'll run with. Official has deprecated warnings turned off, but otherwise has not been updated for PHP 7 and is risky to run there (some people have reported problems, but it's not clear whether it's the base code or add-ons causing the problems). Eventually, it will break, and break hard, when features are removed from PHP 7.x.

Explore your server control panel and see if there is something like "MultiPHP" or something similar. It's possible that your host only gives you one version of PHP (7.2), but that would be foolish on their part, as 7.2 will break many applications. Even if they don't offer something like that, they may still have 7.1 or earlier installed and available, and you would ask them for the magic incantation for .htaccess to enable that version. If they won't respond, take a look in your .htaccess and see if there is something like an "AddHandler" or "AddType" command to tie .php files to a specific PHP level. If it's something with "7.2" or "72" in the name, try replacing by "7.1" or "71" and see if it works.

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