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Is there a SIMPLE UPS module?

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Hello Everyone

A few days ago I questioned whether UPS was having a problem, I also questioned whether UPS Choice 1.8.3 was still a viable shipping module.  I have reached the conclusion that it may be time to consider a new module for obtaining UPS rates.

Up front, I dislike change and I live by the adage "if it ain't broke - don't fix it" however it is apparent that it is broke and I need to resolve it.  Having said that - I really have no idea what is the simplest way to resolve my issue.  I am open to any and all suggestions.

I simply need to pull and display the rates.

I do NOT need to print UPS labels. I do NOT need to schedule UPS Pickups. I do NOT need to acquire UPS tracking.  I do NOT need to get anything BUT the rate quotes.

I have looked at UPS XML but when I went to UPS to acquire the needed UPS access key - I could not determine whether or not there was a cost associated with it as the questioning was implying that I was applying for my own UPS number which I do NOT have a requirement for.

Again any suggestion and/or explanation about the UPS access key would be deeply appreciated.


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My issue with UPS 1.8.3 is RESOLVED...


For others that may be experiencing a similar issue here is the fix provided by repete...

Modify /includes/modules/shipping/ups.php changing line 267 from...

if ($http->Connect('www.ups.com', 80)) {


if ($http->Connect('ssl://www.ups.com', 443?)) {


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