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Flat Rate Shipping

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I am developing a store with a small product range, about 12 at the moment with 2 or 3 attributes on most products.

Want to use flat rate shipping and we will only be shipping to the UK (based in UK).

I need 2 different shipping rates; 3 of the products are smaller and will be at £2.95 and the larger products at £6.00, but the flat rate needs to be by line item. In other words if the customer wants to buy 3 different products from the "larger products" range they will need to be charged £18.00 for shipping; if the buy 3 of the same product then only £6.00.

If they buy a mixture of small & large items they need to be charged £2.95 for each different small product plus £6.00 for each different large product. So 1 small product plus 1 large product would be £8.95, etc - hope that makes sense!?


Have searched the forum & Google, etc. and so far havent found a solution.


Any ideas on available modules or a workaround to achieve this.

Using :- osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE


Any help would be appreciated.



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It sounds like you want to start with a flat rate for each class (size) of item, and then offer a shipping discount for multiples of a given product. Is that correct? You're going to have to be able to explain this clearly to your customers! I'm not sure why it would cost £18.00 to ship one each of A, B, and C, while only £6.00 to ship three of A, but moving on... I don't think there's anything built in to osC to do this. You'd have to add code to the shipping module to calculate everything flat rate, then look at the quantity for each item and offer a discount: 2 of A, discount £6.00, 3 or 4 of A, discount £12.00, 5 of A, discount £18.00 ??, etc. If I understand you. That ought to be reducible to a formula, but will have to be custom code (unless you can find an add-on that already handles this).

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Thanks Mr Phil & Dan Cole,


Your replies are appreciated.

Mr Phil - it's the way my client works and the type of sales quantities. He has an arrangement with his couriers where in effect he can send up to 5 (approx) items for the same cost as one! And sales over that amount for individual are unlikely and the narrative on nthe site would steer such customers to a trade contact.

Dan - thanks for the steer to the module - have downloaded and will install later today and see if it gets me to where i need to be.

Again, your support is much appreciated.


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If nothing else works, consider getting a pro coder to make it to specification. 
It's an hours work of coding and testing;

  1. Give each product a postage cost
    maybe in the shipping module as you have so few products?
    maybe in a new admin page?
    maybe in the existing admin/categories.php page?
  2. In new shipping module look at cart contents and work out cost appropriately


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