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danish language is not working

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I try to install the Danish language in the last osCommerce version v2.3.4.1

but it is not working even in the admin panel  the Danish language  icon it not there

i have try few of the language packs , but no one is working on my site,

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First, did you install the osC "Frozen" (or "Edge", if adventurous) or the official (from this site)? Frozen is the correct one to use (see the link in my signature), as the official version is obsolete and won't run correctly on current PHP levels. Second, is the Danish language package marked as being for the official version or the Bootstrap (Frozen or Edge) version? If you have a mixture of versions, it probably won't work. If you have Frozen and the only Danish package is for the official release, you'll have to do some work to compare English versions and update the Danish accordingly.

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