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Help with Modal Addons

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Is there a particular modal Addon that I can add to the main body of my website... rather than in the left or right box or shopping cart type sections.  I have one or two places on my website (one on checkout_confirmation page, and 'Ill probably want to add one on the payment page as well) .... 

If there is not one for my particular need then what would be the best addon for me to modify (particularly thinking I will need a couple of them operating at once on different pages)

I am using the most up to date  BS frozen 


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The modal is the easy part! The problem is the place you wish to add it to. Unless you are using moduler check out you will need to edit the files. Alternativly if you can live with a footer or header then you can show only on the pages you wish.

Moduler checkout is probably your best solution as then you can just add a custom module with your modal.



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Yes that's the one. When it's installed just decide which page is the one you wish to place the modal in. Simply copy on of the modules in the add-on rename it add the modal code you plan to use an install and turn on.

If you get stuck just ask.


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