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Stripe Elements API V3

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The only add on that I can find is the original one by HPDL which is included in Frozen. Unfortunately it uses V2 of their API and was written in 2014.
Things have moved on and their V3 API is required for easy PCI compliance and it will conform to the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) that is coming in September.
I am not a coder but I have done some research and have found two guides on how to implement V3, which they also call "Stripe Elements", on their website.



I have looked at the HPDL code and it is above my paygrade.

Is there anybody who can help with this required change please. I can do any testing if required.


Live Phoenix on PHP 7.3  Test on PHP 7.4

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Hi Martin,

I will be interested in upgrading to the API V3 soon too!

I'll have to sit down and see if I can upgrade using the migrating instructions on the stripe website.  I'm not an expert, but are always interested in taking on a challenge.

When I find time I'll give it go.  I'll let you know.  And if you find a solution please likewise let us all know.



osC CE live - developing osC Phoenix adding modules with no core changes(awesome and easy!)

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