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Worldpay hosted payments - php7

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installing wordplay hosted payments 2.2 on CE bootstrap 4 with php - 7.2.14

There are a couple of depreciated PHP elements in  includes/modules/payment/rbsworldpay_hosted.php

The first  being line 16 - 

Function rbsworldpay_hosted {

I changed to 

function __construct() {

and that solved that one, but there is also a "Each" issue

line number 153

while (list(, $value) = each($order_total_modules->modules)) {

I have messed about with it but cannot get it to work, i know it has to be swapped around and be "foreach" but my amateur attempts are not working in this case

my last attempt is

foreach($order_total_modules->modules  as (array $value)) {

anyone with a bit more knowledge of PHP be able to correct it for me and the next person who will undoubtedly have the same issue

Thank you for looking




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Hi Rainer

Thanks for pointing towards some clues, and for that matter the compliment of thinking I knew how to understand them (if i understood emoji's i would put one in here with my head blowing up)

For anyone else looking for same i replaced the following

lines 152 and 153

      //    reset($order_total_modules->modules);
       //   while (list(, $value) = each($order_total_modules->modules)) {

with this
           foreach($order_total_modules->modules as $value) {

seems to be working as it should now but I am no expert, in fact far from it, so it may help you, but do your own research and test


kindest regards





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Hi Gary

actually I first used the version included from the Master, but it stated it was v2 (in the shop), i already had V2.2 running on my other site so just assumed I would be better to download the latest from the add-ons.

In hindsight I should have known that despite it not showing as greater than v2 upon install into the shop that it would have been, could have saved myself a bit of time




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