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Checkout Shipping - Help understand it

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I want to improve our shipping information to "streamline" our processes.

I have 5 shipping modueles installed - all for different purposes.

2 is for direct delivery to customers with normal parcels up to 30 kg

2 is for "pickup at local parcel service" up to 20kg

1 is for "freight" with big volume items primarily items above 30kg up to 600 kg (we also use kg for calculating "volume parcels" that are weighing example 600kg due to volume)

When I setup the correct pricing for the weights - the ones that should NOT be available due to items in cart - still shows up on checkout_shipping with 0 in price - is this how OsC does it? Or am I missing something? (To make it clear I do NOT want to SHOW the shipping modules that don't "support" (have prices for the weight for the "cart) the current cart))


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In each of the modules the first function checks if the module is enabled or not. You need to edit that if you don't want the module to show for some condition, like the weight. To do that, include the global $cart, if it isn't already, then walk through the products and tally the weights.

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