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SEO friendly URL FROZEN: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE

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28 minutes ago, Hotclutch said:

First of all this person is not an SEO specialist, if they are forwarding this kind of advice.

Secondly i have seen this type of situation before with Opencart, and the issue is not the SEO URL. You have to know how to configure Opencart if you are going to use it.

Nothing wrong with osCommerce even now SEO wise.

The correct thing for you to do would be to switch back to osCommerce and use the SEO URLs that everybody else uses - Chemo's or FWR Media's.

But be warned just switching to osCommerce won''t improve your SEO. You're stuck with a mess of URLs from what i know of Opencart, and you need to clean that up.


Thx. for your answer!

"But be warned just switching to osCommerce won''t improve your SEO"  I know...

I want to migrate back to oscommerce, because this is the shop engine what I can to understand.
And I've already used oscommerce. 
And many times I have to make some small changes but I can't change the rented shop now.
For example, there are many stock errors and I want a log whit all stock modification, and others ...

Sorry to have gone completely off the topic, but your answers are realy helpful to me.

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