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call to new function in addon

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I am using BS Frozen

I have been doing some modifications to an add-on and I have created a new <function> to the code to make the add-on operate in the way I need it to...

This has worked fine within the files of the add-on....

Now I want to call that function (located in catalog/includes/module/store/st_addon.php) in catalog/product_info.php...

Can I do that? and if so how?

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require('includes/application_top.php'); //<-- you need find this line and insert the code bellow

// includes your function file here

Insert this code in product_info.php file...

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Hello Pete @Portman,

If you added the function outside the module class as a independant function, it should be available if the module is active on the product_info page.

Check if there is a page selection if you have product_info.php included.

Then the store module is loaded in template_top.php (supposed it's one of my store module  add-ons, it is a modified header_tag module).

Therefore the function will not be available before the template_top.php call:


If you need the function before, you should opt to include it in includes/functions/general.php instead of adding it to the module.

Then it is available everywhere after:



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thanks @raiwa... that was what I needed to know!

Yes I am modifying one of your addons - or at least trying to - at this stage trying to create the ability to hide products from particular wholesale groups 

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