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VAT; net = gross

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I have a problem with the sales price and VAT. I use osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 and have entered VAT high, Netherlands, 21%. But when I make a product, the net and gross amount are the same and I can not adjust this manually myself.

I have seen them once on the Dutch forum of osCommerce this problem, but unfortunately this forum is no longer online, but do someone know I was wrong?

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Thank you for your response Raiwa,

Yes, I have selected the tax class and also tried low VAT and that gives the same result; gross = net & net = gross

And my shop country is indeed also the Netherlands

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OK, lets check the following:

- In admin : Locations/Taxes: Tax Classes : You have a tax class called "VAT high"

- In admin : Locations/Taxes: Tax Rates: You have a tax rate with the tax class "VAT high" assigned, the % rate entered and the tax zone selected "Netherlands" or "EU" or whatever your tax zone name is (see next point)

- In admin : Locations/Taxes: Tax Zones: You have a tax zone called "Netherlands" or "EU" or whatever, which you use in the before point.
Inside the tax zone you have at least Netherlands added as country with all zones included.


Another question: does your tax setup work on the public store side, I mean, do you get the tax added to the prices there?

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