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Thank you for the wonderful addon, I had installed it in BS frozen, and it is working great!
I love the fact it can edit any page. I spend weeks to tried the version 2.2 and 2.3 before with no luck!!!

Tried to install several times and could not see the pages, thought I made mistake or not working, but finally I read the "read me - additional" and find the important statement, ADD LINKS TO THE INFORMATION BOX:

@ includes/modules/boxes/templates/information.php

under the <ul>, add code:

<?php echo tep_information_show_category(1,999, true); ?>

however I still very confuse about the BOX ID and Parent ID.
And I think the ID is for showing on the URL, it is not practical for admin to know which ID is to match if they are not the one put this addon.... is there a way, for example, have a drop down list, and will show both ID, and corresponding box or page name?

Many thanks!  Lyn



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What version of oscommerce are you asking about? You mention three and the answer is different for each.

In the future, please post all questions relating to an addon, any addon, in that addons support thread.

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