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So don't want to use google calender not a problem, use,

A simple add-on to let you place a Custom Calendar box onto your site.


There a lots of events calenders available to use both paid and free. These let you set up events for your business and then display the events calender on your site.

As not everyone may wish to use the same calendar provider this add-on lets you display one of your own selection.


Again it’s a simple no core change add-on. Simply copy all the files over and install.


Then all you need to do is set it up as required.


Then simply get the script you need to display your own calender and insert it into the section provided in the add-on in admin.


That’s it nothing more to do! It’s as simple as that.


Below is a test script you can use to test the add-on you must replace this with your own when your ready to show on your shop.

This uses a nice free calender from https://tockify.com

You can set it up as you like and customise it as you need.

<div data-tockify-component="mini" data-tockify-calendar="spirited"></div>
<script data-cfasync="false" data-tockify-script="embed"

The calender will adjust to your box settings the wider the box the more info it will display.



It has been tested on CEBS4 and CE BS3 only.


As allways you can see it on the test sites

CE BS3 https://www.justfastfood.com/

CE BS4 https://chilleddisplays.co.uk




With wide box setting you get.




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