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Templates of regulations or generator of regulations.

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I start an e-commerce business. As I try to do everything myself, I need help :)
Does anyone know the services with ready-made terms and conditions for various industries (for free). 
Or maybe there is a generator of rules for online shops?

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If you want Terms and Conditions applicable to your shop and products (don't forget warranties and guarantees, and licenses too), you're not going to find a "rules generator" that's going to fit you. My suggestion would be to grab copies of T&C, etc. from other stores and vendors, and use the ideas there to generate your own. Just don't copy verbatim (a copyright violation). Please note that this is a legal document, so you want to be careful not to include discriminatory terms, etc., and you want to cover all the bases. It might be a good idea to run it by a lawyer to see if there are any problem areas. You don't want to run afoul of your country or state's laws (discrimination, consumer protection, privacy, etc.).

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