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Are you ready for Brexit?

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My apologies to anyone offended in original thread none was intended.

A question everyone need to ask themselves! 


It’s getting very close to the final date but are you ready as a business. The UK looks like sleep walking into a disaster and while the MP’s bicker over this UK business are in most cases left to wonder how it will affect them.

Most business have received very little if any guidance from the Government. However other EU country's appear to be taking this in a much better organised and inform method.

The Netherlands chamber of commerces has produced a very good check list for it’s members and made it easy to find and use!

Where is the UK’s I’ve not seen one and the .gov website is not much use.

You can see the advice here


So have you made any preparation for Brexit?




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Nobody was offended by your post @JcMagpie

The people of UK took a deciocion (I'm not sure if it's good or bad) but we have to respect it.

The important thing is to make the exit in an organized and planned way. Having a good communication with everyone involved.

Best regards


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I've got my bucket of popcorn, my big-screen TV, and my easy-chair. I'm going to so enjoy watching pompous and snobbish Britain sleep walk right off the cliff into Third World status. Of course, the US is right behind you, also marching to Putin's orders. The winner in all this is Russia, who is breaking up Western democracy so their tanks can easily roll over Europe. The Tories and the Republicans are all traitors, who need to be put up against the wall and shot. Literally.

I need another cup of coffee.

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After reading this @MrPhil I took a look at your avatar. It made me smile.

But you sure have a point here. 

I buy some products in the UK, but am considering to move to another supplier because of the paper-hassle. If there is something I hate, it's paper hassle. (Except when I am in the restroom of course).


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I believe the intention of this thread is not to discuss pros and cons [here] but to prepare yourself. Preparation is always a good thing... I found the durch discussing funny... No need to delete it... Just my opinion

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i am guessing i started something, too bad i missed it 😛


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