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B2B Module / TotalB2B

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I am in need of a module to control different prices for products - preferred solution is to structure it with price groups for customer accounts.


Product have 4 different prices:
Price Group 1
Price Group 2
Price Group 3
Price Group 4

And then I can set on a customer which price group he belongs to.

I control all pricing and customers in our backend system, so I "basicly" just need the extra prices and price groups for customers - BUT the problem is to handle the prices when putting it into cart and through the checkout process?

Anyone have any experience here? I would like to pay someone to set all of this up.

Bonus info we are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV as backend, and we just send XML files back and forth and update the system this way - so we already have different prices etc. setup in Dynamics and exported to the XML files - but this step we can devolop /setup ourselves without any problems - but I need someone to take the lead in the B2B devolopment for the webshop.

Can anyone help? I looked at the different available modules, and I can see there was a simple one recently, but this only supports 1 price group, and I need minimum 2 - 3-4 is preferred.

PLEASE - someone? :)❤️ 

OSC 2.3.4 

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24 minutes ago, JcMagpie said:

posting in the Commercial support inquiries would be a good start.

You are right - I was actually looking for that first - but I guess I forgot to put my glasses on or something - not sure if anyone can move it - thought I would say the post is quite an interesting thing for others aswell :D

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