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2.3.4BS copied to new server with php7

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Hi there

I have copied an existing working version of my website in 2.3.4bs including database to new server so i can test it and get it working with PHP7 and http2 before i migrate properly

also with the new server will later migrate to latest edge but need to get old one working properly first

There are of course a few issues that i willl work with and catalog side seems in general ok but struggling with admin login

It used to have htaccess password auth login but removed it from both catalog and admin .htaccess

I also changed the password in php admin

But i cannot login to admin

I get presented the admin-login page, so assume i have the path correct in config , if i type the wrong password it tells me

If i type the right password i get directed to a catalog custom error page, if i look at the error code it is 500

I have checked and double checked and triple checked the config pages, paths and so on and it all looks ok

I was wondering if there were any obvious compatibility issues that i should address with PHP7 that anyone could think of

My old version is 5.4 the new is 7.2.14

I do not have access to php server error log yet as its still being configured, maybe that will throw a bit of light

Any pointers would be appreciated



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If you have support through from your host, you should ask them to see what caused the failure.

I don't think your version will run under 7.2, though I could be wrong. Switch to 7.0 or even 5.6 to see if things work and then, once they do, try 7.2 again. If it is not a php issue, it might be that you have some setting enabled that is causing the problem, like cache. You would have to edit the database to turn that off. Also turn off gzip and any other setting that would use a path. If that doesn't fix it, then please post your admins configure file here, without the database credentials, so someone can take a look at it.

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I'm quite sure that 2.3.4BS will not run properly under PHP 7.2. I don't think it will run on 7.1, and for that matter, probably not 7.0. It's fairly old. You should replace it with "Frozen" and migrate your data over. Frozen works up through PHP 7.1. It doesn't work with 7.2, but "Edge" might at this point, if you absolutely must be running at that PHP level.

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