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Square Payments Plugin for osCommerce

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I have installed the oscommerce-, the squareup plugin files are copied to the same directories as instructed and template_bottom has been modified. the square api is alsp obtained.

However I tried to install the plugin and I do not see the square payment module is listed among all these preinstalled modules.

I tested on the other domain, it was there and installed successfully.

> The suceesful one here: giftcardonly.com

?> the failed domain: gconly.com

Any idea what is the real issue causing this?


Thank you


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Okay so I'm having some problems getting this to show up.

I'm connecting to the CANADIAN developers side, and the module is NOT showing up in the admin dashboard for payment modules.


Any advise?

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BTW...what protection do I as a merchant have if someone uses a stolen card here?  If someone has a stolen card, all they need is a zip code and this transaction will pass, yes?  Nothing authenticating a card's zip code with a site user's payment address?  So no protection from charge back... or am I missing something?


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On 1/16/2019 at 3:15 PM, shichemt said:

Please post any bugs, problems and suggestions about  Square Payments Plugin for osCommerce in this topic. I will do my best to provide support.

Trying to get this to work on 2.3.4BS. The weird thing is I was getting a blank screen from the tep_mail error however a customer managed to make a payment somehow. Try as I might all I got was a blank screen when I clicked confirm. Now that the tep_mail is cleared up I can see the error I'm getting is "Error: Your request was invalid and cannot be processed right now. Please try again later." I copied the IDs off the square page, entered valid cc info but can't get it to work ... any suggestions would be much appreciated


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