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New install. Error on admin page.

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I just installed OSCommerce and when I go to the admin page I see the attached. I also get an error at the top of the catalog home page shown in second attachment.



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First of all, you installed the official osCommerce, which is way obsolete and won't run on modern systems. Your system does not have the MySQL library for PHP use (actually, it's deprecated and therefore almost unusable), but will have the MySQLi library. The only usable osC, Frozen (a.k.a. CE), is available on GitHub (see links below). I would avoid "Edge" unless you're a skilled programmer and like working on the bleeding edge.

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6 hours ago, charmdiva said:

I just installed OSCommerce

Where did you download your software from! I suspect you got it from your webhost, if so they have an out of date version. The official version has been updated to work with MySQli so you should not get that error at all. If you want to keep using the official version and many webhost's will only support the official software then down load it from here.


Having recently installed the official version I can tell you it works fine. However if your host allows then do install the Bootstrap version just be aware it's not official.

official version as you can see line 19 is blank! and db is mysqli.



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