Someone put an item in their cart and went thru Purchase Without Account and filled out their address details like this (or I assume they entered this manually): Bob Smith"__sCRiPt sRC=// 244 Whatever St"__sCRiPt sRC=// Ithaca Ithaca, New York 98765 United States I've changed the name and address for this post as the street address, city, state and zip code they provided is legit.  They checked out using the Checks/Money Order method - no account was created or ever existed for this buyer's name. The order process email it generated bounced back to me as undeliverable: A message that you sent contained one or more recipient addresses that were incorrectly constructed: "Bob Smith"__sCRiPt sRC=//" <>: unmatched doublequote in local part (expected word or "<") This address has been ignored. There were no other addresses in your message, and so no attempt at delivery was possible. Is there a way to prevent that?  Stop someone from proceeding when adding garbage in the name and address fields?  And...can someone tell me what it is they're trying to accomplish by doing this?  Thanks! - Andrea