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Nerw product upload problem

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Hi Buddies

    Any buddy more experience use oscommerce I believe , can tell me about upload new product? My problem is: I try uploading one book cover image, but not appear in admin panel, there are product URL text area, how to fill that? because I don't know where this this product is. How to know URL?

    And exist products I want to change mine, click the edit button, but button changed save button, nothing happen. How to change exist examples? Where is my product image is? 

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Posted (edited)

Main image = 1st browse button. This adds an image that shows on the product listing, new products etc. pages. If it is the only image you have it will also show on the product info page. If you have multiple images and you want that same image to show on the product page, click Add Large Image and a box will appear where you also click the browse button to add it. You do that for each image you want to add.

The HTML box is there so that you can add videos etc. The video itself will need to be uploaded via FTP. You will need to click Browse to add a cover image for the video.

The URL is usually used for the manufacturers page if you want it.

When you Click edit you should be going to the "New Product in..." page if you chose a product to edit or to " Edit Category " (opens on same page next to your cats) if you chose to edit the category.

You can also delete an existing product on the same page you click EDIT on.

upload image.jpg

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