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I don't know if anyone will have interest in this, so I won't spend a lot of time on this unless it gains traction.  Anyway, I use batch print from over a decade ago and didn't realize until yesterday that the pdf class was still being maintained.  Since I only sell in the US, I haven't run into many character encoding problems, but I imagine some of you do.  So, the new version of Cezpdf seems to work with all the characters.  It's also php 7.2 compliant.  Even better, I was able to replace my old Cezpdf and Cpdf class files and associated files.  With very little changes, it prints my invoice.  The pdf manual seems pretty useful, but I haven't gone very far into it yet.  The main snag I hit was using "addTextWrap", which requires a different order than before.  But, it has more functionality, so I can right justify for totals, which I couldn't do before.  addText also has changed.  I only have a few hours into it, but check the manual out.

So, I said wouldn't ramble too much.  If anyone is intersted you can find it at https://github.com/rospdf/pdf-php

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