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This is not meant to replace the stock gallery but to be used in conjunction with it. This will only show up on the products that have the extra images added. So for products of high value you can add additional high quality images and let your customers zoom in and see the quality and detail of the product.



JcM Gallery X-Cloud Zoom Multi. V1.0 Uses the x-zoom js script.


A simple add-on to let you add a zoom gallery which,


1) Allows zoom based on a small image and a large image (make the large a good quality image min 800 x800 px).


2) Dynamically adds caption displaying product name on the zoom image


It is intended for those products which benefit from a good quality image which people will prefer to take a close look at. It is designed to be used in addition to stock gallery and so will only show on products if a zoom image has been set up for the product.


You can have up to 4 images per product and will need to have 2 sizes of image for each. Must be jpg.


The small should 400x400px

The large should be minimum 800x800px and as good a quality as you can get.


The images need to be named using he $products_model with the suffix _l1 and _s1 applied accordingly.


So if we have a product with model number “Galaxy Tab S3” we will have two images named


Galaxy Tab S3_l1

Galaxy Tab S3_s1


The images need to be placed in the following directory's.






Sample images are provided in the relevant directory's so you can just copy over.


You can make changes in admin to styling and size/position of image caption.


Again totally standalone with no core code change or data base updates. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install.


Has been tested on CE BS4 and CE BS3 only.


That’s it enjoy!



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Posted (edited)

A problem has been pointed out to me with this addon. I use some new demo products on my test site so you may not have the test product I used in your stock test store. I have added the normal stock images for the Samsung Tab so if you copy these files as they are onto your site including directory's then that one product should show the zoom add-on.

As long as the images are in the correct directory's with the correct names it will just work. Just unzip and copy to your test site.

Test images are for product model "GT-P1000"



Edited by JcMagpie


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Has been updated to V1.3

Added FancyBox script to show large images in popup Modal window on  mouse click.  Zoom still fuctions as before. Add as some wanted to replace stock gallery.

Simply unistall old add-on first and then install new files and install add-on.



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