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Paypal Express Dropping Tax Calculation

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Struggling with PayPal Express checkout dropping the sales tax amount when entering the confirmation page.


Not a standard tax installation.  We offer customers the ability to prepay duties/taxes/fees for international shipments.  For certain shipping methods we require those to be paid, on others they are not required.  We've gotten pretty far getting PayPal to play nicely with our hacked setup, but, we're struggling in one instance of express checkout.

Tax Amount Shows Properly on PayPal Screens.  When switching shipping method tax calculation behaves as intended.

When we get back to the order confirmation stage on our shop there is no tax on the order confirmation.  Looking at the session information, however, [TAXAMT] and [PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT] are being passed correctly. 

I'm assuming that the order total module check on my site is kicking out tax because of some condition that got unset when going to PayPal and coming back.


Does the OSC PayPal app pay attention to the tax variables passed back from PayPal - or - does the site do its own tax/order total calculations?

If it DOES use the passed variables - where are those processed back to the shop so they appear in the order confirmation?

I've done a few hours of grep trying to follow stuff around the PayPal app, but I'm not getting very far.  

Any help is appreciated - I know that my installation and request are bespoke, any insight into how this data is handled can help me get to the answer.

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Fixed for now - I added a function in general that looks to see if the PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT is in the Paypal array which then turns on the tax rate I need.   The fact that this works suggests that it was the shop that calculated the rate by itself (disregarding the PayPal return) and the shop was dropping the tax rate.

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