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Editing Footer Links...

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I have two links on my index footer that I would like to edit. One involves capitalizing the 'o' in 'Conditions of Use' and the other involves adding an E-Mail hyperlink.  How can these be achieved?


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Hi there, it could be done through footer template, but don`t forget to make a copy of the new version of the footer. It helps you quickly make changes if in some reasons footer file will be updated and returned to its original condition. It`s just friendly advice, for now, I`m a blogger and essay writer from   xx but I`ve to deal with something like this before.

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Text such as "Conditions of Use" will normally be found in one of the "language" directory files. Rather than searching through them manually, use a tool such as findstr (Windows) or grep (Linux) to search all your .php files for the string "Conditions of Use". Then just edit the file that came up. Don't forget the /s or -S flag to search all subdirectories below the top one. This way you never have to ask again "where do I find such-and-such string?". Give a man a fish...

Adding a new link means finding the code that outputs to the appropriate section of the screen, and modifying it. You of course need to be fairly able in HTML and PHP (don't use a WYSIWYG page editor to do this -- it will mess up the code).

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In quite recent (Edge, BS4) I changed the links system to make it easier - so you can now amend one file to add in a new link;

In older versions (Frozen, Gold etc) you need to amend two files


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