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Oops! My bad, I did not know that the carousell window is a fixed width and displayed items are repeated to fill the windows.

May be some logic need be added such that when the number of displayed items is below that can be accommodated in the window, then carousell should not operate.

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7 hours ago, ce7 said:
On 12/16/2019 at 10:29 AM, JcMagpie said:


hi Zahid,

Thank you very much for the addon. Installed it, have a question, by default, has only one special (orange) for sale, I haven't put any other special products, this is how it show up on my index page, instead of show up only 1 product for specials, it show up 4 but all same orange, how can I fix this problem?

Many thanks!  Lyn



Simply go to your admin and change the number of items to be display on each screen size.



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