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Support thread for JcM Hot-products carousel-owl2 CE

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This version has been updated to use owl 2.3.4 and add BS4 version.

A simple addon to let you place a Hot products carousel with “Hot” badge on the index page. It is based on an existing addon so all credit goes to the original author.

It no longer requires the owl_carousel 2.3.4 script to be loaded locally. These are now loaded to the header and footer using Header_Tags and use CDN rather than local install. The header_Tags need only be installed once so if you have them already then don’t try to install again.

Owl requires the owl style sheets and jQuery to be loaded in a specific order to work properly. See the recommendations here


If you are using any other add-on using owl it may cause issues if it’s not installed correctly.

The badge text, text colour and background colour can all be changed in admin along with many other fuctions.

It is still a no core change add-on.

Install and turn on both Header_Tags then simply install the other files and install and turn on the new add-on.

It has been tested on the CE BS3 and BS4 Only.






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Hello Zahid.

Another excellent addon !!! Congratulations!!!


Setting up a new Frozen site with so many nice addons available on the market and waiting to be admitted to Phoenix club!

Community Oscommerce fan :heart:


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