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Admin + Expired Session + Update Order = Broken Order

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I seems several times that I'm logged in admin, and open an order to update and send customers new order status.

After update the order, I must to accept a call or make another thing, and when I update the order the session was expired.

I log in again, and now... the order doesn't appear in "orders".

I see on admin/application.php that have a tep_redirect if not logged or your session is expired, and in admin/includes/function/general.php that the tep_redirect have an "exit;" in the code, but something are wrong.

If I access to another order, and change the order by this one, the order are there, but have an order status problem.


Anybody have any idea to prevent the order update at all, if your session are expired?

Thanks in advance.

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The easiest workaround is to create (via phpmyadmin) an extra order status with status id set to 0 and a description something like 'status error - needs resetting'.

Then the order doesn't disappear

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I'm trying to reproduce the error, but in a fresh install, I look that now seems to admin sessions don't expire.

Anyone can confirm this, please?

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