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You are missing the whole point of this add-on! It is to use existing data and present it in a better way on the product info page.

If you don't need or like the aditional Tabs don't use them, keep the original 7 tab version.

The updates were done for those that needed more than the basic 7 tabs.

Also you can customise the add-on anyway you need, the code is all in the files go edit it to display how you need.

😊 it's not posiable to keep everyone happy with a simple no core code or db change add-on.


If you don't want to change the add-on simply do this

in admin rename the Tech info to Product info.

in the template fiie


find around line 9

<li><a href="#tab-1"><span class="icon"><i class="<?php echo MODULE_CONTENT_PI_DESCRIPTION_TABS_ICON1?>"></i></span><?php echo MODULE_CONTENT_PI_DESCRIPTION_TABS_TEXT1 ?></a></li>

and simply commet this out like this,

<!--<li><a href="#tab-1"><span class="icon"><i class="<?php //echo MODULE_CONTENT_PI_DESCRIPTION_TABS_ICON1?>"></i></span><?php// echo MODULE_CONTENT_PI_DESCRIPTION_TABS_TEXT1 ?></a></li>-->

takes about 5 minutes and you get! 😊 not so hard to do.


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1 hour ago, fantomen said:

Then I can not see any product description in the TAB Product description

This is because you are not using the software properly. You should always have a discription in "Product Meta Description for SEO:

If you do not you will not have much sucsess in Google rankings!


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Has been updated to V1.8

Has been updated to add tab selection. You can now select 1 of 3 layouts for the tabs.

In admin set tabs select display to


1 for all tabs


2 for no Product Description ( removes SEO description )


0 for stock 6 tabs only




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